Math Tutors in Keller, TX

Welcome to Head of the Class Academic Center, your Keller, TX math tutoring center. Math is an area in which the American educational system has traditionally struggled. According to a global study conducted by the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), the U.S. ranked 31st in mathematics in a field of 35 industrialized nations. Fully one quarter of American students failed to reach a baseline level of math proficiency that would “demonstrate the skills that will enable them to participate effectively and productively in life.” Much research has been conducted to determine possible causes and solutions.


One of the contributing factors to the low performance of U.S. students is a disturbing trend that allows students who fail a test to retake the test for a grade of 70. This causes grade inflation and moves such students on to more advanced topics without requiring mastery of the basics. The long term effects of this testing approach are seen in the PISA results. Students who do not demonstrate readiness for college mathematics either through standardized tests or placement tests are required to take developmental math courses. In fact, one in two Texas students must take developmental math courses, which do not count toward college credit, yet cost the same as a credited class. This results in an extremely low percentage (19%) of American college students who complete a bachelor’s degree program in four years. At an average cost of $37,000 per year, math tutoring quickly becomes cost effective.


A glaring difference between the U.S. and top performing nations who participated in the study is the preponderance of after school math tutoring. At Head of the Class, we embrace a philosophy that is the complete opposite of the retesting idea. We firmly believe in bringing students up to the playing field rather than bringing the playing field down to their level. Our name is not just a marketing gimmick: our goal is to take every student who walks through our doors and turn him or her into a top performer. We work with students individually to determine the root cause of their issues then address them by first emphasizing mastery of basic mathematical concepts. We then build on that foundation to develop true understanding and confidence is mathematical skills.


Whether students struggle in math or want to challenge themselves with advanced concepts, highly trained tutors at Head of the Class in Keller, TX will effectively address their needs.