Summer is an excellent time to work on any deficiencies your student may have, as well as accelerate learning skills and prepare for the next school year. We offer a number of learning options throughout the summer months to strengthen skill sets in reading, writing, mathematics, foreign language, and test prep. In order to stimulate students’ right brains, we offer enrichment in the arts as well. We have two local, gifted artists who teach group painting and sketching classes.

Research has repeatedly shown that many students lose knowledge over the school break and require remedial learning in the fall. We want to encourage you to invest in your student’s academic future by keeping his or her learning momentum going! Even maintaining the level of academic achievement your student has fought hard to accomplish over the past year gives him or her an advantage; building on top of that over the break is simply a bonus.


If your student doesn’t need remedial learning and is interested in accelerated preparation for the next step in his or her education, we have several options customized to fit your specific needs. If getting ready to apply to college is the priority, our ACT/SAT preparation classes may be of interest. Perhaps your student wants to take Dual Credit courses to begin transitioning to a university learning level; if so, we’ve created several Texas Success Initiative (TSI) courses to prepare you for that next step. For college-level help, we offer private tutoring in almost all subject areas. Our summer enrichment programs also remain perpetual favorites. Finally, we offer Spanish immersion camps for beginning speakers.

Many people view summer learning as a punishment, but that’s the opposite of the philosophy we use here at Head of the Class. Our programs are designed from the ground up to promote self-esteem and encourage a lifelong love of learning, and they continue to produce results long after the course concludes. We firmly believe that strong foundations ensure future success.

Our programs are open to all ages and grade levels. Students are divided into groups based on age and ability. We know that an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement is essential to facilitating the learning process, so we strive to create a positively charged peer environment where everyone is at ease.

If students are struggling in a particular subject area or are having problems mastering a skill set, we’ll pull them aside and pair them individually with teachers. We work with all our students until they’ve learned the necessary skill sets, then rejoin the group. Our goal isn’t merely to try hard and hope the student understands; we adapt our teaching techniques and attention levels to each student to ensure success.

We know that you may have vacation or travel plans, so we’ve designed our coursework to be flexible around your schedule. Tutoring packages can be purchased and used throughout the summer. Our instructors will help you navigate summer learning sessions 1 and 2, as well as online coursework, to keep your student up to speed and learning rapidly throughout the season, regardless of how busy his or her schedule is.

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